Moe Low at Scorez April 21-22, 2023

Utah’s best live rock band Moe Low will be performing at Scorez Sports Bar in Lehi, Utah on April 21-22, 2023. Come join us for two incredible nights of live rock music. We might bring our gigantic Wheel-of-Songs just for fun and we will definitely be taking your requests from our setlist.

Just to clarify, you, the audience, can choose any song from our entire song list and we will play it! For a small donation of course. Check out our current song list to see what songs we might be playing this weekend. We won’t have time to play them all because we are approaching 100 songs on our song list. So if you have one you want to hear, you better get choosing it!

New songs for this show include:

  • AC/DC – For Those About To Rock
  • Blink 182 – The Rock Show
  • Blink 182 – Feeling This
  • Green Day – American Idiot
  • Green Day – Basket Case
  • Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll

Scorez is located at: 571 W State St, Lehi, Utah

2 Replies to “Moe Low at Scorez April 21-22, 2023”

  1. I was hoping to see you guys last night. I was with a friend talking all about your band and how groovy you guys were and I’ll send you guys were personally. She’s big into music. She is a very good pianist. She told me last night I’m too tired I’d like to go listen to those guys I said yeah it’s OK so I went to Scorez bar hoping you guys would be there so I could listen to you and there’s another band but that’s OK. They’re pretty good but nowhere near as you guys work through country music that’s OK I do a little dancing showed some guys some moves and then they dance with the wife so it’s all good in college I did the both parts so they told us not to spend the girl too much and how to treat her on and off the floor. I did West Coast swing dance and East Coast we can dance but around here is Wesco and Sweden dance so I remember pretty good but I don’t remember East Coast wing very well however you guys rock you guys it’s rock is very good you can dance to that at any beat you guys are amazing. Thanks for being you guys. Your band is definitely the best band in Utah county. However you’d have to compete against my uncle surfer band but he goes all over different states now to see who is the best because you guys complete everything he can play I know that he’s much older, so he’s probably slowing down and you guys are still picking up so you guys probably are just as good or better than he is with his band Can’t wait till you perform again. Hopefully the lead vocalist husband can come around both nights so she gets about two slow dances with them as she sings. She has an amazing family the lead vocalist he has five kids. He’s the shit in the biz. As far as that goes the lead vocalist Shaylese parents came and hang out that’s pretty cool they’re pretty nice people. This is a type of band I want anywhere to do a gig for me if you want them to do a gig for you, I’d contact them instantly and they’re very busy with all their work in their family life but they could fit you in if you let them know in advance, I hope to pay them for a big gig. They’re amazing. The drummer and the bass guitarist are way amazing you’re amazing. People have amazing lives. They’re gigging together, putting the whole show on all working full-time doing other things I would get with them if I ever wanted to see one of the very best rock bands around.

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